Bethel senior hosts YouTube channel

Ellie Hoyt starts “Seriously,” a YouTube channel devoted to asking questions about Christianity. Standing inside the Pulse office on 9th street in Minneapolis, Ellie Hoyt prays. She prays for peace, for clarity of mind, for the Lord to speak through her. This project isn’t something she ever planned to do, and she knows she can’t be successful on her own. She takes a deep breath and grabs her Bible, pages littered with colorful post-its and annotations. From behind the camera, Ben Martin, the

One strange home-COVID week

Pandemic guidelines forced adjustments to nearly every aspect of homecoming, but Bethel still pulled off the events. COVID-19 forced Bethel’s homecoming traditions to look a bit different, and faculty, staff and Bethel Student Government adjusted to keep up the school spirit with safety in mind. “We were so blessed to be able to do homecoming this year. Certainly there were many stressful planning meetings, simply because we were unsure of all of the restrictions that we were working with and

10-year-old student seeks legal name change

Demond’re spins. Arms wrapped tightly around his knees, he whirls around the room on his black swivel chair, laughing as his camera blurs the scene unfolding in his bedroom. Suddenly, he stops. The smile falls from his face. “My name is not Demond’re,” he said. “It’s Axolotl.” His Bethel Buddy, having studied amphibians over the summer, knew exactly what he was talking about. Axolotls, nicknamed the “walking fish,” are a critically endangered species of amphibian. “Yeah, Axolotl,” he said, l

Public Achievement gives elementary scholars a voice

Maxfield students develop projects to foster change in their community. Ellie McDowell smiles. Drawings of turtles, birds and rabbits scatter the floor as students create educational books about the environment. Volunteering with these students was supposed to be a one-time thing, but their passion and dedication to the program inspires her to come back for an internship. In Maxfield Elementary School’s Public Achievement club, students have a say in what they learn. McDowell’s fourth graders f

A new reality

How Bethel’s tight-knit, Christ-centered community is prepared (and ill-prepared) to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. “That’s 27…” my roommate joked as we passed by Royal Grounds. Twenty-seven people I’ve greeted during our brief walk from class to the DC. What can I say? It’s a small campus. There are plenty of people whose numbers reach the thirties and forties. Welcome Week staff probably reach triple digits. It’s simply the nature of the “tight-knit community” promoted during campus tours. Ev